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What you'll learn

Course content

7  Topics     85  subtopics     4 months course

  1. Fundamental of Graphic Design
  2. Introduction to Photoshop and Canva
  3. Practical work - Logo Designx2, Flyer Designx2, Advertisement designx2, social media post designx2, ….
  4. How to use AI tools in Graphic Design
  5. Introduction to Jobs related to Graphic Design
  1. Introduction to video editing and tools
  2. Create a short video for you tube and face book.
  3. Create two reals for Instagram and face book.
  4. Create two videos for TikTok.
              • Choosing a Video sizes
              • How add and trim videos?
              • How to add text to videos
              • How to add animation and effects to the video
              • How to add Background music
  5. How to use AI tools in Video Editing
  6. Introduction to Jobs related to Video Editing
  1. Fundamentals of Branding
  2. Brand Identity Development
  3. Brand Strategy and Positioning
  4. Brand Consistency and Customer Experience
  5. Advanced Branding Concepts
  1. Web Design Using HTML, CSS, and PHP
              • Introduction to Web Design – Domain name and Hosting
              • HTML and CSS Fundamentals
              • PHP for Dynamic Web Content
              • User Experience (UX) Design
              • Advanced Web Design Concepts
  2.  Web Design Using CMS (e.g., WordPress)
              • Introduction to CMS and WordPress
              • WordPress Theme Customization
              • Content Creation and Management
              • Extending Functionality with Plugins
              • SEO and Security for WordPress
  3. Introduction AI tools to get help when we create the website.
  4.  Introduction to Jobs related to Website Design
  1. 1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Email Marketing:
              2.1 Building Email Campaign Foundations
              2.2 Crafting Effective Email Content
              2.3 Email Automation and Segmentation
              2.4 Email Marketing Analytics and Insights
              2.5 Design and A/B Testing in Email Marketing
              2.6 Integration with Other Marketing Channels
              2.7 Trends in Email Marketing
              2.8How to use AI tools in Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing:
              3.1 Introduction to Social Media Marketing
              3.2 Social Media Platforms and Their Audiences
              3.3 Content Creation and Engagement
              3.4 Social Media Advertising
              3.5 Analytics and Insights in Social Media
              3.6 Social Media Community Building
              3.7 Social Media Trends and Innovations
              3.8 How to use AI tools in Content Creation
  4. Analytics and Performance Measurement
  5. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies
  1. Microsoft Office
    1. Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite
    2. Microsoft Word Essentials
    3. Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
    4. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Skills
    5. Microsoft Outlook for Communication
    6. Advanced Microsoft Excel Techniques
    7. Collaboration in Microsoft Office
    8. Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks
    9. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Google Tools
    1. Introduction to Google Workspace
    2. Gmail and Email Management
    3. Google Docs for Document Collaboration
    4. Google Sheets for Data Analysis
    5. Google Slides for Dynamic Presentations
    6. Google Drive Organization and Sharing
    7. Google Calendar and Time Management
    8. Advanced Google Sheets and Data Analytics
    9. Google Forms and Surveys
    10. Google Workspace Tips and Tricks
  1.  Introduction to Freelancing
  2. Building a Freelance Brand
  3.  Freelance Platforms and Networking
  4. Client Acquisition and Communication
  5. Setting Freelance Rates and Contracts
  6. Time Management and Productivity
  7. Building a Portfolio and Showcasing Work
  8. Freelance Skill Development
  9. Handling Challenges and Problem-solving
  10. Marketing and Scaling Your Freelance Business

Instructor Details

Kamani Puswella

MSc in Entrepreneurship · (January 2023 - December 2023)
 Master's Degree, Interactive Multimedia · (2007 - 2009)

Kamani Puswella, the Founder and CEO of Web Pixel, is a visionary in the digital landscape. With a passion for creating exciting and inspiring digital experiences, Kamani leads a talented team that offers a range of services:

  1. Website Design: Web Pixel crafts responsive websites that not only meet but exceed clients’ goals.
  2. Ecommerce Solutions: They specialize in user-friendly ecommerce websites, funnels, and landing pages to boost online sales.
  3. Branding: Kamani’s team creates modern, bespoke designs that elevate businesses’ visual identity.
  4. Emails & Hosting: Affordable web and email hosting solutions tailored to business needs.
  5. Digital Marketing: Leveraging social media and email campaigns to drive sales.
  6. Product Development: From mobile apps to digital products like music files and ebooks.
  7. Content Creation: Crafting compelling content for online and offline marketing.
  8. IT Support: Ensuring businesses embrace technology effectively.
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