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Web Pixel has a team of digital marketing specialists offering website design, branding, content marketing, e-commerce solutions, email and web hosting, product development, and IT support.

As a small business owner or start-up, we know your challenges and the effect of poor digital marketing on your business. Budgetary constraints, unspecified goals and strategy, lack of expertise and knowledge, insufficient understanding of your target audience, low-quality content, and vague call-to-action are limitations that can impact your business negatively.

Web pixel will help you select the right digital marketing strategies to boost lead generation in your business by offering bespoke digital marketing services because we know your business is unique.

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Wilderscope Logo Design :

The Wilderscope logo, designed for a nature-related videography and photography company, features a circular design. Stylized leaves or petals form an organic pattern, while a central circular element resembles a camera lens. The color palette includes shades of green and yellow, emphasizing freshness and creativity.

Wilderscope Website Design :

As a creative agency developing website for Wilderscope, our role is key in bringing their vision to life. From designing the website and making it responsive on all the devices and seo the website we did a great job.

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